Sunday, October 15, 2006

SO LIKE HEYLOO! : D today is great! (:
woke up at 73oam,prepare & went church.
meet q2 on bus. SAW GERMAINE,i was so
happy!& huizhen was happy to see me luh
right?okay,after service,had lunch,& is
forever funny one,never fail to laugh when
there is tse min haha!after that went town
to find sh present,couldnt get anythingg.
so took 1o5,then took mrt to cityy hall,to
find hc,ronn,leen. went to get jobs. had
quite alot. i prefer URS,yx's uncle shopp,
crabtree and evelyn which i went interview
alone at vivo. lol. i wish i could get in for
either one. after that had dinner at kenny
roger. i ate mashed potato & the corn muffin,
the rest ate the dont know what meal.hahaha!
it was great. then follow by esplanade,well,
well kinda miss that place so much. took photo
and feel the breeze. ((((: after that i left at
93opm,cause of my mother!spoiler! home now,so
thats all for today. i'm calling germaine now!
bye!shopping tmr!:DDDDDD

night everyone! night teddy! :D

ps,i'm stupid enough to delete my tag-board
post accidentally. i'm sorry ppl! (:

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